Who in the World is Hieronymus Bosch?


About and FAQ

Hello! Welcome to “Who in the World is Hieronymus Bosch?”, an art history newspaper written by seniors Katie McClelland and Ellis Price of Freeport High School (Maine). We both love art history so we are doing this project to further our knowledge in the art world. After taking a rigorous but fun general AP Art History class with Mrs. Medsker, we’re looking to apply this learning in the real world. By creating this newspaper, it’s our goal to make the the art we explore around New England more accessible and interesting to the average person. We are by no means art experts, but just hope to spread our newfound passion of art history to others. This newspaper is to chronicle our senior project, and we will be posting daily on the topics of museums, art movements, careers, and real world art.

Who are you?

Katie loves languages, traveling, and tennis. She is a potential International Relations and Islamic Studies major at McGill University in Montreal, but will first be completing a gap year in Turkey for intensive Turkish study. Contact at: mcclellandk@hs.rsu5.org


Ellis is a talented artist and dedicated sailor. She is a potential History, Studio Art, or/and Art History major, and will be matriculating into Bowdoin College (ME) in the fall of 2014. Contact at: priceel@hs.rsu5.org


What’s a senior project?

At Freeport High School, all seniors get a chance to take the month of May to research any topic of their choice. At the culmination of this project, each senior will give a presentation in front of students, faculty, parents and the community to show what each accomplished and learned.


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