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Interview With AP Art History Class 2014

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AP Art History is a 5-person class taught by Mrs. Mesdker. Three of our classmates, Alec, Gabby, and Dehlia, reflect on their year of study.



Why did you sign up for this class?
DMG: I signed up for this class because I like art and history and I wanted to take another AP this year.
GD: I signed up for this class because I took a Foundations of Art class with Mrs.Medsker, and I loved the small portion of Art History we did in this class.
AF: I signed up for this class so I wouldn’t have to take a real art class. B)

What’s your favorite art period?
DMG: Dada, Impressionism and Symbolism
GD: I love love love classical art (Greek and Roman). I also love Renaissance. So good.
AF: Probably a tie between fauvism and impressionism.  I love Aegean art too though.

What’s your favorite piece of architecture?
DMG: Casa Mila by Antonio Gaudi
GD: I think my favorite piece of architecture is the mausoleum of Santa Constanza, the interior is absolutely beautiful. I liked the central plan and the arches.
AF: Notre Dame

What surprised you about this class?  
DMG: It surprised me how much I really liked this class. I was also surprised by how much I learned about world history in general. I think that learning about art historical movements really put historical movements into perspective.
GD: I’m sure this will sound stupid because this class is an AP, but I honestly was surprised by the workload. I found the amount of material overwhelming. On the other hand, I was surprised how much I retained even after learning it the first time.
AF: I think how much the course was focused on Western art was surprising.

Do you consider yourself an artist?
DMG: Yes
GD: Hahahahahaha. Absolutely not. I consider myself an admirer of art.
AF: I’m definitely not an artist. I can like draw a potato and that’s it.

After taking this class do you have a newfound respect for art?
DMG: Yes, I think that I appreciate all art more now because I understand it more. I even like some religious art now too.
GD: I most definitely have a newfound respect for art. Most people look at art and just like what appeals to them, but I’ve found myself liking pieces that look very unappealing.
AF: I kinda thought art was lame before taking this course, but I have way more respect for it now.

How’d the AP test go?
DMG: It went better than I expected but I’ll be very surprised if I get anything higher than a three. Some of the questions were cruel!
GD: I was surprised how much I found I knew. I think it went well, actually! It was brutal obviously, but I powered through it.
AF: I think I might have gotten a 3.

Fav art history inside joke?
ALL THREE: Divas of Willendorf!

To learn more about the “Divas of Willendorf” read “The Joke: A Description of the Art History’s Favorite Joke.

Would you recommend this class?
DMG:  Definitely. Even if you aren’t an artist there is so much to get out of this class and you can impress people by how cultured and intellectual you are.
GD: I don’t know. This class was brutal. I’d take a cautionary note on this class.
AF: I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to put in the work, but it’s actually easier than I thought it would be.



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